Teddy ve Bayan Thompson

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Teddy ve Bayan Thompson

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man is very angry.then he is crying then he dream


Then the man is amazingn.The older women begin cry.The man come in her house and sit.Then he bring a glasses of water.The older women says’I love my daughter I love….I miss you….’ then she cry again…’What happaned the accident?’ the man say?..’you don’t say anything and go out now…’older women replied….

The man stand up end walk…’ The women very sad and miss her daughter s…She remember her so she look me angrily ..’ he tihink…And then he get on his car and go to oxford…….

the man said to old woman it is wrong.i saw her three days ago.are you sure?the woman said yes i m sure.she is my daughter.-oh ok.but i saw she.she is not dead.i love her.she was very beautiful.-but she was dead.-ok said the man.and he saıd this coat.i accepted this coat.she said ok.

he loved her.he was sad because he learned the woman was dead.he riped her coat.

He loved her.He learned the woman last dead.He was sad.He burned her coat.